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Lusty Pro Adhesive

Lusty Pro Adhesive is formulated with the highest safety level of raw materials in today's market. New state of the art adhesive is so gentle even for sensitive clients who are sensitive to the ingredient black carbon.


The retention is AMAZING!! It's EVERYTHING proof!!!

She's tiny, powerful & strong!


Fresh adhesive is ordered in small batches to ensure maximum retention!

5ml. bottle

Ideal temperature 77 degrees humidity 40-70%

Setting time: .05- 1 second

Retention: 4-7 weeks

Shelf life: 6 months unopened & 2 months opened

Viscosity: thin/slight medium

Great for classic and volume lashing. Glue will not rise and close fans.

Oil proof, Waterproof, excellent for clients with active lifestyles.Adhesive fully cures in 1-3 seconds! Clients can wash their lashes immediately after application for maximum retention!!! No more waiting 24 hours!

Lusty Pro Adhesive

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